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Global recruiting is essential and requires expertise, knowledge, and patience. However, it doesn't have to be complicated. We eliminate the challenges that stop you from recruiting international talent.

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Hire Without the Hassle

There's a problem with strategies designed to fit all instances – they won't result in what your company needs. Our team understands your organization seeks unique talent to fill specific open positions. Therefore, we go the extra mile to tailor our recruiting solution to your requirements.

The Discovery Phase

New Clients Only

Every successful recruiting plan should start with a consultation. The first step of this journey is to understand your goals. Our team also identifies the challenges your company faces when recruiting internationally.

Do you have doubts or concerns? This is the perfect time to address them. From your goals to legal issues, we'll discuss every aspect to find suitable solutions and help you discover if our services fit.

Strategic Planning

We move on to the second phase if we can be a partner. Our team considers and understands your expectations for the role. After that, we'll step up our efforts to make a portrait of the ideal candidate.

Our team will identify the skills, experience, and languages ​​the perfect candidate needs. If you're unsure what country we should target, we will analyze your requirements, review potential cost savings, and recommend.

Set Realistic Timeline

Transparency is the foundation of a successful project. In this phase, we establish a realistic hiring timeline and go the extra mile to stick to it.

However, we want to maintain your success and satisfaction. Therefore, we'll be 100% honest by establishing a timeline aligned with your requirements but realistic and achievable. Communication will always be essential throughout the process. You'll know if there are delays or if we should adjust our recruiting plan.

Culture Fit and Ethics Considerations

We know that the right candidate should align with your organization's values ​​and philosophies, even if they're from another country. Therefore, we always prioritize cultural fit.

In addition, we ensure the recruiting process is ethical and aligns with your existing corporate values.

Sourcing Talented Candidates

One of the most complex parts of international recruitment is figuring out where the candidates are. Fortunately, we have a solution. We work with a vast network of local recruiters. They live in the country where your future employees are!

Our local recruiters understand the local job market in the countries where we recruit from. They're ready to overcome cultural, legal, and language barriers to find the best-suited candidate for your open position.

Application Screening

We'll consider your needs and expectations even when the day of application screening arrives. Our team will patiently conduct the first rounds of interviews and shortlist candidates to find the right one.

However, this phase is flexible. We'll align our recruiting efforts with your requirements and processes. If you have a screening strategy in mind, let's discuss it. We still need to find the right candidate; we'll return to sourcing!

Conducting Background Checks

Our team can also handle the background check process.

If requested, we can complete international background, identity, employment history, education, criminal, and employment history through our partnership with Checkr®.

While this comes at an extra cost, background checks can make a difference culturally and compliantly.

Hiring Employees

In the last phase, we'll also help with the hiring process. Whether you need us to handle negotiations or extend offers to candidates, our team can provide guidance and support at every step.

We are fully committed to your success and satisfaction. If the candidate we recruit is not a good fit, contact us within 60 days of their start date, and we would be more than happy to find you a new candidate – free of charge.

In addition, we offer unlimited global salary reports to facilitate the recruiting process and help you save.

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We have 136+ global recruiters ready to be strategic partners to think outside the box to find you the top international talent you need.

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